A Divine Deed

Lest there be an imperfect soul
For perfection is what we seek
Among all the hurrah & high-five
We simply drift apart
From the incoherent brooding
Receding back to old cellar
To drown into an ocean
Of desires & dreams
And shy away the days of storm
Harbouring away our boats
Raging waves & restless sea
Sending chills from head to knee
We are mere human
To dismiss the fury & be
A master like none
A divine deed
With ways unknown to mortals
But what would we be
If couldn’t find a way through
Steer away the darkness & clearly see

Two Different Souls

I stood there only for thee,
The only soul who could ever see,
See through the lying veil,
The hollow heart which couldn’t feel,
Inept to reiterate the reality,
But an illusion of you & me,
Two different souls,
Sewing together their tiny gaps & holes,
From things to think & words to say,
Indifferent of might & may,
Trying to mitigate,
Spit out the poison from their fate,
Lamenting & cursing,
The mere thought of random fling,
To live in a world of their own,
Be together even after blood & bone,
Sharing this dream together,
Entwined into each other,
Like an object to it’s shadow,
Bounded together never to let it go.

The Cycle of Episodes

On the soaring cliff,
By the raging waves,
I stood feeling elated,
Educing memories lost in dark caves,

I saw the ocean swallowing,
A burning ball called Sun,
Disappearing in a distant horizon,
Leaving only darkness & lights none,

Smitten by the dark,
With an ardent lust,
Moon came to kiss them all,
From stones to dust,

Waves are pounding violently,
Trying to extend it’s reach,
Disfigured & broken stood the formidable rocks,
Having roots deep in the beach,

Truth is shy & elusive,
Hiding behind the clouds of doubt & lies,
Standing close to the fine line,
In midst of happiness & heartfelt cries,

Like a delusional being,
I stayed contemplating my origin,
The traditional beliefs,
And the unorthodox sin,

The cycle of episodes that goes on,
Some eventful enough,
Some destined to spurn,
An amalgamation of smooth & rough,

Right before the end we realise,
Ponder about the things we missed,
Moments we failed to cherish,
That beautiful girl we nearly kissed,

And yet we hate to be different,
Scared to explore something new,
But we must understand,
Followers are many & leaders few.

Casual Lies

A little hint of success,
After series of failure,
Single ray of light,
After the darkest night,
The last missing piece,
Of the unsolved puzzle,
A few moments to smile,
After quite a while,

A familiar face to see,
In a place new & unknown,
Someone else beside me,
After a long time of being empty,
Finding the true love,
After several breakups,
Peace to mind & soul,
After achieving life’s goal,

A sense of being incomplete,
Even being surrounded by great wealth,
All are the casual lies,
Hiding behind the innocent eyes.

Endless Night

Thus begun the endless night,
Slithering the way out it appeared sulky,
The path neither easy nor bright,
Walking on it was only me,

A deadly war is waging,
Oh the chaos & anarchy,
Swords & armour are clashing,
Which the reaper Is glad to see,

The mighty blade is soaked in blood,
Today slaying an enemy,
Tomorrow will be someone own,
An inevitable future you’re evading to see,

It’s the same old story,
With a new beginning,
Like the same life,
But a new sense of feeling,

And mixed in our blood is greed,
Overpowering our senses,
Trying to break it’s chains,
Jump out of the binding fences,

You try to control,
Put a leash on it,
Yet it follows like a haunting soul,
Pushing you to a trap finely knit,

The hatred will end one day,
But only after devouring the living,
The colors will eventually fade,
Along with it so will any faith to cling.

The Ideal Man

To honour the honorary,
And counter the contrary,
To sing the merry song,
And make right of every wrong,
To praise the only winner,
And condemn the sinner,
To chase a distant dream,
And criticise the nearly perfect team,
To keep the promises I made,
And take back all the abuses I said,
To replenish the memories lost,
And pay it’s unjustifiable cost,

I evolved into this unsettling being,
Some wild animal without it’s circus ring,
I’m no longer the ideal man,
A unique devil which you never can,
This is the irony,
Which you are reluctant to see.


It’s just a different time,
With same old fate,
Another month of the year,
But the same date,

Tried my best to move on,
Yesterday came in a disguise of tomorrow,
Behind the veil of happiness,
There hid the real sorrow,

Cowering in my own shell,
Trying to swipe away tears,
This world appears too big,
Crushing down every soul that fears,

Turning back the hands of clock,
Wanna bring the happy moments again,
I know its sunny out there,
Could you make it rain,

Traversing through valley of hope,
By the river of dreams,
Everything appears familiar,
Yet I’m lost it seems,

A little time of peace,
With tiny moments of silence,
Courtesy of this chaotic life,
Torn into shreds was my innocence.