Endless Night

Thus begun the endless night,
Slithering the way out it appeared sulky,
The path neither easy nor bright,
Walking on it was only me,

A deadly war is waging,
Oh the chaos & anarchy,
Swords & armour are clashing,
Which the reaper Is glad to see,

The mighty blade is soaked in blood,
Today slaying an enemy,
Tomorrow will be someone own,
An inevitable future you’re evading to see,

It’s the same old story,
With a new beginning,
Like the same life,
But a new sense of feeling,

And mixed in our blood is greed,
Overpowering our senses,
Trying to break it’s chains,
Jump out of the binding fences,

You try to control,
Put a leash on it,
Yet it follows like a haunting soul,
Pushing you to a trap finely knit,

The hatred will end one day,
But only after devouring the living,
The colors will eventually fade,
Along with it so will any faith to cling.

The Ideal Man

To honour the honorary,
And counter the contrary,
To sing the merry song,
And make right of every wrong,
To praise the only winner,
And condemn the sinner,
To chase a distant dream,
And criticise the nearly perfect team,
To keep the promises I made,
And take back all the abuses I said,
To replenish the memories lost,
And pay it’s unjustifiable cost,

I evolved into this unsettling being,
Some wild animal without it’s circus ring,
I’m no longer the ideal man,
A unique devil which you never can,
This is the irony,
Which you are reluctant to see.


It’s just a different time,
With same old fate,
Another month of the year,
But the same date,

Tried my best to move on,
Yesterday came in a disguise of tomorrow,
Behind the veil of happiness,
There hid the real sorrow,

Cowering in my own shell,
Trying to swipe away tears,
This world appears too big,
Crushing down every soul that fears,

Turning back the hands of clock,
Wanna bring the happy moments again,
I know its sunny out there,
Could you make it rain,

Traversing through valley of hope,
By the river of dreams,
Everything appears familiar,
Yet I’m lost it seems,

A little time of peace,
With tiny moments of silence,
Courtesy of this chaotic life,
Torn into shreds was my innocence.

The Charlatan

Your heart can always teach you,
And be there all the way through,
In your happiest moments or darkest dream,
Am I the one to make you scream,

Drifting apart & lingering away,
Are the words you are scared to say,
Don’t loose but hold between the lips,
Feel the sentiments that can’t be felt by fingertips,

This fire was started from a little spark,
But it wasn’t enough to kill all that’s dark,
And the cruel time won’t let me,
Show what you want to see,

You were so pretty & coy,
But turned out Helena of Troy,
Stuck in my heart is the golden spear,
Your giggles & laugh are all I can hear,

Drenched in agony from head to toe,
Hurts like buried alive in snow,
Always push & shove,
Don’t you think it’s enough,

You’re a charlatan,
The only thing you ever can,
This is my plaintive,
Still unaware of your motive,

These are the pieces of my heart,
Which you crushed from the very start,
And now it has gone numb,
Yet painful enough to succumb.

The Unwavering Fire

All The Fruits & Flower,
They Grow Old Or Turn Sour,
Longing For The Last Night,
When I’ll Be Out Of Sight,

No More Desires To Accomplish,
Neither Shooting Stars To Make A Wish,
Away From All This Suffering,
Something Better Afterlife Will Bring,

I’m Just A Face In The Crowd,
Unnoticed Even When I Shout Out Loud,
Dreams Are Broken & Fragile,
Want To Escape From It For A While,

To Contemplate In A Deep Abyss,
Ready To Give Everything I Care A Miss,
Suffocating Are The Demeaning Chores,
A Complex Maze Without Exit Doors,

Eating Within & Smouldering,
Hiding Behind Every Song I Sing,
There Lies The Improbable Desire,
Igniting The Unwavering Fire,

Unresolved Are A Few Questions,
With No Logical Reasons,
Something Beyond My Acceptance,
And Out Of My Sense.


There On The Golden Shore,
Stood A Soul Shattered,
People Called Her A Whore,
A Filthy Stigma,

Smooth Weren’t Her Path But Rough,
Let Down & Rejected,
Been Through Enough,
Continued With Their Rants None Cared,

Neither Moulded Like This By Birth,
Nor Was Eager To Learn This Trade,
Pious Like Every Other Soul On Earth,
Crafted By God Handmade,

She Kept Emotions & Tears At Bay,
For Her Child’s Better Tomorrow ,
Traded Herself Everyday,
Silently Suffered All The Atrocities,

Awaiting For A Second Chance,
Freedom From Those Suffocating Shackles,
That Cursed Her Reflection After Every Glance,
Tattooed On Her Was The Scarlett Letter,

Desperate To Seek Redemption,
She Stares Every Sundown,
With Wish Of A New Sun,
Better Than Yesterday & Tomorrow.


Standing Before GOD,
At The End Of My Time,
Here I’m O Dear Lord,
Nothing More To Complain & None To Whine,

It Was Your Wish To Give,
But My Will To Take,
You Broke All The Pieces,
But My Job To Make,

You Tried To Break My Soul,
All You Wanted Was Me To Ask,
Bow Down And Beg For Help,
Poured Me With Impossible Task,

Yet I Stood With A Smile,
Tried Again Every Time I Failed,
You Thought I’ll Succumb,
But That Ship Has Already Sailed,

I’m Happy With Whatever You Gave,
Even Happier For What You Took,
As It Was Never Mine,
So What’s The Point In Having A Look,

Now The Mist Is Getting Cleared,
I Can See Beyond Foreseeable Future,
All Of This Was Your Master Plan,
As My Bright Life You Had To Nurture.