Wonted Steps

The shimmering light of street lamps,
Pierce & tear away the darkness,
The essence of this time,
Cry out my name,
Perambulating & pondering,
Striding into the obscurity of night,
I sneer past every shadow,
From hookers to homeless,
And beggars to bankers,
From a Prince to his princess,
To the famous and the destitute,
They all come and go,
Leaving behind their footprints,
Some fade away,
While some remain,
Resonating in a world so inane,
I take the elusive walk,
With a hope to leave the mark,
But my wonted steps,
Are too trite to differ,
Slowly they get diffused,
And lost in the haze.

We Are What We Are

Oh thee lord of mine,
What have you made of me,
A mere puppet of time,
Dancing to it’s malevolent tune,
An unruly malignant malice,
What’s this skin I wear,
Callous & deceptive,
A heart to perceive,
And eyes to see,
But what good are they,
If they never render peace,
Angels of commotion,
Is what they are,
Enraging the void of discontent,
Rupturing and shattering,
Orchestrating a wrecking havoc,
The fractious sense of emotions,
Rises from thin air,
Instilling the obnoxious humanity,
Coercing to care,
But caring has it’s own rewards,
Packed in alluring ribbons,
Underneath the bubble wrap,
There lays the enthralling trap,
Leaving you in pain & scarred,
Forcing to scream in silence,
In that fleeting moment,
You realise it is immature,
You can only run,
And never outrun,
But we are what we are,
For a ray of hope,
Keeping doors ajar.

The Debt

A vicious tide of memories,
Swept away sand castles built on hope,
And brought about new worries,
That proved too strong to ignore,

The ones tucked away,
Somewhere deep into the abyss,
Came back to say,
A haunting tale of yesterday,

Indeed it wasn’t strong,
But good enough,
Dismissing the steps taken all along,
Indefinable & indelible thoughts,

Tonight just mend your way,
Even miniscule of act,
Let it be a disparate day,
Some sort of newfangled pact,

There lies some dark days,
Indeed the ones you hate,
An abhorrent debt that everyone pays,
A tradition you can’t escape.

Fate & Serendipity

The shiny silhouette
Of an immaculate figure
Laying next to me
Her bare back is all I could see
Caressing the smooth skin
Could feel the goosebumps sink in
Those effervescent eyes of her
Froze the epoch in eternal animation
Her erogenous smile
Killed every bit of sanity concealed
My surreptitious virility
Cajoled to serenity
The intriguing aroma
Free strands of hair
Like a pulchritudinous portrait
Covered her face enigmatically
The bliss of air
Traversing a new path today
Kissing her neck & shoulder
Curse those lucky ones
A veil over the wise
An ingenious ingredient of disaster
Damn thou dark eyes
They burnt a raging fire
Bright & blue
A sweet intoxication
A heart wrenching addiction
Conjuring up & discovering
Unexplored corners of heart
Let us play this game again
Where I’m a slave
And you’re the King insane
Unable to fathom my fate
The stupendous serendipity
Which brought together ends of infinity

A Divine Deed

Lest there be an imperfect soul
For perfection is what we seek
Among all the hurrah & high-five
We simply drift apart
From the incoherent brooding
Receding back to old cellar
To drown into an ocean
Of desires & dreams
And shy away the days of storm
Harbouring away our boats
Raging waves & restless sea
Sending chills from head to knee
We are mere human
To dismiss the fury & be
A master like none
A divine deed
With ways unknown to mortals
But what would we be
If couldn’t find a way through
Steer away the darkness & clearly see

Two Different Souls

I stood there only for thee,
The only soul who could ever see,
See through the lying veil,
The hollow heart which couldn’t feel,
Inept to reiterate the reality,
But an illusion of you & me,
Two different souls,
Sewing together their tiny gaps & holes,
From things to think & words to say,
Indifferent of might & may,
Trying to mitigate,
Spit out the poison from their fate,
Lamenting & cursing,
The mere thought of random fling,
To live in a world of their own,
Be together even after blood & bone,
Sharing this dream together,
Entwined into each other,
Like an object to it’s shadow,
Bounded together never to let it go.

The Cycle of Episodes

On the soaring cliff,
By the raging waves,
I stood feeling elated,
Educing memories lost in dark caves,

I saw the ocean swallowing,
A burning ball called Sun,
Disappearing in a distant horizon,
Leaving only darkness & lights none,

Smitten by the dark,
With an ardent lust,
Moon came to kiss them all,
From stones to dust,

Waves are pounding violently,
Trying to extend it’s reach,
Disfigured & broken stood the formidable rocks,
Having roots deep in the beach,

Truth is shy & elusive,
Hiding behind the clouds of doubt & lies,
Standing close to the fine line,
In midst of happiness & heartfelt cries,

Like a delusional being,
I stayed contemplating my origin,
The traditional beliefs,
And the unorthodox sin,

The cycle of episodes that goes on,
Some eventful enough,
Some destined to spurn,
An amalgamation of smooth & rough,

Right before the end we realise,
Ponder about the things we missed,
Moments we failed to cherish,
That beautiful girl we nearly kissed,

And yet we hate to be different,
Scared to explore something new,
But we must understand,
Followers are many & leaders few.